How To Escape The Rat Race

Rat Race

How do you understand the rat race?

Consider two rats racing to get a piece of cheese at the other end of the room. First, they try to outrun each other. In the process, they spend more energy than the reward is worth.

Or Consider a rat traped in a wheel. The rat tries to escape by running faster. but note that, as the rat runs faster so does the wheel. The more harder the rat tries to escape by running faster, the more faster the wheel turns and the rat continues to be traped at the same place. No headway. An endless, futile pursuit indeed.

And that is the same pattern you will find, when you take a look at most hard-working people today. Immediately the person finds a job and begins to make money, he get married, buy a house, a car, a television, take vacations and begins to have children. Now the enormous demand for cash begins.

To meet this demand the couple now decides to go back to school to get more specialized skills and somtimes even take on a second job to earn more money. But as their income raises so does their expenses. Another child and the need for a bigger house. They get their large paycheck and begins to wonder where all the money is going.

To be smarter, you need to begin to work with a different set of rules. Just think of this, what happens when a company announces a redundancy? Of course, People get laid off, Families are hurt. Unemployment goes up.


But do you know what happens to the company expecially a public company in the stock exchange? The price of the stock usually goes up when the redundancy is announced. The market likes it when a company reduces its labor costs, either through automation or just consolidating the labor force in general. And when stock prices go up, investors and shareholders, get richer.

So you see, whiles people are getting laid off, families and friends are hurting and unemployment rate is increasing, investor and shareholders are getting richer and richer. So why stay as an employee for the rest of your life? In our next post, we shall be looking at some practical examples, of people who have managed to escape this rat race and how you can also do same.

I hope you’ve got a ton of value from this post, more importantly, I hope you’ve also learnt the diffrence between working harder and being smarter.

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